Silas on a Jury

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"There was a man shot in Graham's Gulch night before last, not dead but the wound is dangerous. The man that did the shooting was caught and had his trial last night. The jury sentenced him to have one half of his head shaved, to receive fifty lashes on the bare back and pay the costs and leave the mountains before tomorrow morning and if caught here after that to be hung. The sentence was executed this fore noon.  Silas was one of the jury. I did not go over to see the whiping (sic) but they say after the first three or four blows he bawled and beged (sic) like a good fellow before that he had been laughing and joking and carried a very bold face. He got no more than he deserved."


This is from a letter written from Leavenworth Gulch, near Central City, Colorado Territory, to "Sister Lottie", Charlotte Cutter, from her brother, George Cutter, Jan. 6, 1861.     -Anne E. Hemphill collection

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