The Soule Family Statistics

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    Amasa Soule   b.  10 Feb 1804, Woolwich, Maine   d. 28 Sep 1860, Lawrence, Kansas
        mother: Joanna Farnham,  father: Samuel Soule
    occupation: cooper

    Sophia Low     b. 4 May 1807, Bath, Maine          d. 21 May 1900, Lawrence, Kansas
        mother: Mary Ann Percy     father: William Low
        marriage: 6 Nov 1831


    Emily Norwood Soule (1)   b. ~Feb 1833 "Emily N. dau. Amasa & Sophia Soule d. Aug 11, 1834 ae 18 ms."  Maple Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine

    William Lloyd Garrison Soule   b. 11 July, 1834 according to his sister Emily's birthday book. [Ridlon says 11 July, 1833, his death certificate says
        12  July 1832]  The family story is that all the children were born 2 years apart in even years.   William died 15 July, 1931 in San Jose, California.
        marriage (1) Mary Benson  17 June, 1863    b. 18 Oct 1843  North Hampton  d. 1 Dec 1929, Denver, Colorado. She is buried in the
        Crown Hill Cemetery in Denver.
        marriage (2)  Ella Wagner

    Silas Stillman Soule (1)    b. ~ March 1836    d. 20 Sep 1837  buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine

    Silas Stillman Soule (2)    b. 26 Jul 1838, Bath, Maine     d. 23 Apr 1865, Denver, Colorado   buried in the Riverside Cemetery, Denver
        marriage: Hersa A. Coberly    1 Apr 1865     b. Feb 1845    d. May 1879 (her gravestone)  Riverside Cemetery, Denver

    Emily Norwood Soule (2)  b. 3 Aug 1840, Bath, Maine   d. 4 Aug 1924, Lawrence, Kansas

    Anne Julia Soule    b. 26 Sep 1842, Bath, Maine   d. 22 Jul 1931, Lawrence, Kansas
        marriage: Sylvester Bemis Prentiss, 21 Jun 1866, Douglas county, Kansas

       Amasa Edwin Soule   b. 1844, Freeport, Maine    d. 1844, Freeport, Maine

    [note: the dates given come from family sources, unless stated otherwise. I suspect some have come from the book by
    G.T.Ridlon: Soule, Sowle and Soulis History Vol. I, Chapter: The Soules of Woolwich, Maine, pages 328-354.]